Pyrovision have worked at many prestigious locations and venues both globally and across the UK. Many of these venues are of National and Historical interest, including Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Hampton Court, the London Eye, the River Thames, Plymouth Citadel and Edinburgh Castle. We are often invited to showcase our pyro-musical expertise at international festival events and competitions as far flung as China, Japan, Canada and, more locally, Monaco.

Health and Safety

High standards are maintained in all aspects of our work and we are committed to providing not only the highest possible standard in display design and material content, but also ensuring our crew and technicians on the ground are supported in their training and development. This includes the BPA City and Guilds accredited Firers & Senior Firers Qualifications as well as ADR licences, allowing our drivers to operate a suitable vehicle to carry dangerous goods (in our case – explosives!) We also have a Dangerous Goods Advisor (DGA), as required by law.